Challenge Coins: Why These Coins are Special

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You probably know by now what custom challenge coins are. These coins are available in different sizes and come with unique designs. What makes them even more special is that they do not cost that much. And because of that, the use of a challenge coin for different purposes became so popular.

Some people think that the challenge coin will look special if they add something to it. It may look good, but it no longer belongs to the category of a challenge coin. For instance, adding a hole to the coin to make it look like an ordinary medal is not acceptable. This will no longer be called a challenge coin.

How the Use of Challenge Coin Started?

Challenge Coins 300x148 Challenge Coins: Why These Coins are SpecialIn the past, military personnel are required to bring their coins all the time. To show respect and dignity, they need to carry them wherever they go. It is also a manifestation of how important these coins are for them. The practice of bringing the coin wherever they go started when an American soldier (from the Air Force) was saved. It was during his execution when they noticed the coin, bearing the symbol of the country from which he came from. He was sent back to his country with respect. Because of this incident, all military men were advised to wear their coins all the time.

Other Uses of a Challenge Coin

To make the coins unique, they are minted using different metals, shapes, designs and colors. Normally, these military coins are available in nickel and copper. Checking such details is the best way to identify the coin’s owner and its value. People who are interested in investing in these coins should know that worth is based on two factors – the metal used and weight.

If in case the coin is not made of any heavy metal, it will be worthless if the shape is altered. Some people own a huge collection of coins. These collectors are aware how important these coins are, and know their worth as well. Most of the collectors own a specially made box, intended only to keep the coins safe and protected. Others make a special album for their challenge coins.

The Latest Trend in Using a Challenge Coin

These days, challenge coins are used by many teenagers to show their support for a specific band. Internationally brands, such as Harley Davidson, use these coins as souvenir. However, only a limited number of individuals can get hold of these coins. Normally, the coin may cost a lot or only the most ardent fans are given. Maybe some are given such coins because of their contributions to a particular group or endeavor.

Politicians are also joining the bandwagon, becoming among the many users of such remarkable coins. They use it during campaigns. A slogan or picture of the candidate can be printed on the coin to help spread awareness and also, to help people show support. The receiver of these coins can display them anywhere they want to.

The most expensive types of challenge coins are made of platinum, gold or silver. These types of coins are usually given during a special event, such as weddings. You can add a special message on the coin to make it even more special.

At present, these coins are used not just to identify which group you belong to, but they have also become the best way to show others how special they are. Simply put, these challenge coins are not only for men in uniform, but for all kinds of individuals – after all, the coins are deemed special by all.

April 11, 2015

Customization Options on Lanyards

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If you own a business or run a school, you know how important it is to have custom lanyards available. With the wide range of customization options for lanyards, feeling lost and confused is completely understandable, especially if you do not know where to start and what factors you should consider. Here is a short guide to help you get started.

What to Consider


custom lanyards Customization Options on LanyardsYou should aim to strike a balance between the price, your needs, and the customization options. Some companies that offer custom lanyards charge an additional fee if the lanyard has more than 5 or 7 colors in it. Moreover, if your choice of color is not in their current palette, they could charge an extra fee to have it mixed for you. When you consider ordering in bulk, remember that the larger the order, the more you’ll have to pay. However, the price per unit or lanyard in larger bulk orders is cheaper than, for example, 100 units. If you’re ordering custom lanyards with just the company logo or name, you will save more by ordering in larger bulks.


Some companies offer free artwork design services. Others allow you to customize the lanyard on the website when you submit your order. Others will require clients to email them first after choosing the color, cord width and length, and attachment option. The final artwork will be presented to the client before having it customized in bulk. Remember that custom lanyards require a down payment.


When having a lanyard customized, you can’t just say you want an orange, blue or red cord. There are different hues of orange, blue and red. Most companies follow Pantone colors because they are universally recognized colors. This is the reason why they are widely used in interior design as well. The colors used on your computer screen, for example, are RGB colors (Red, green, blue). The colors used in typical printing (document, tarpaulin, T-shirt, etc) are CMYK colors (cyan, magenta, yellow, black). The exact appearance of Pantone colors is best viewed in person. Search for the available colors in the company’s palette or provide a specific Pantone color.

Cord Length and Width

Lanyards cords come in different widths and lengths. The available options for this are always shown in the company’s website. The standard length for cords is 3 feet or 36 inches, any longer than that would become obtrusive for movement. The cord width is available in 1”, ½”, ¾” and 5/8”. Widths greater than 1” are uncomfortable and inflexible.


Custom lanyards are available in polyester or nylon. However, some lanyard cords can be made out of leather and silicon, but these materials are not that customizable. So as a client, you are left to decide between polyester and nylon.


Polyester is softer and more flexible than nylon cords. Thick lanyard cords are usually made from polyester. Polyester can undergo silk screening, weaving and hot stamping. Hot stamping is the cheapest customization process because it only uses one ink color. Hot-stamped polyester lanyard cords are usually used in schools and in events such as exhibits and fund raisings. The disadvantage of hot stamping is that prints do not last long. If your design in mind has different colors, go for silk screening.


Nylon cords are shinier and smoother than polyester. This material is best suited for dye sublimation and silk screening processes. Dye sublimation is best suited for detailed, intricate and realistic designs. You can have an exact image on your computer printed on the cord. Unlike other processes, dye sublimation prints will not fade. They are, however, the priciest printing option.

With these factors to consider, you shouldn’t be surprised why some people end up spending days or even weeks just to decide on what the perfect custom lace should be like.

April 9, 2015

Essential Pieces of Golf Equipment

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There are a lot of golf equipment that people ought to get acquainted with. Golf isn’t the type of sport that people can get into without learning about the equipment that they’re playing with. Golf is one of those sports that require a player to have excellent knowledge on his gear.

A lot of things can have a huge impact on a golfer’s game. Wind speed, fatigue, and play style are just some of the things that can affect a golfer’s performance. Equipment is another major factor.

Golfers really need to familiarize themselves with the different pieces of equipment that they’ll use out there on the course. Below are some of the more important pieces of golf equipment a person needs to get acquainted with.

The clubs golfers use

Golf Equipment Essential Pieces of Golf EquipmentThese are very important. After all, most people know golfers by the clubs that they carry around to hit the golf ball with. These clubs come in three major categories. They’re all built to fulfill a certain role in a golfer’s game. The three major categories of golf clubs are woods, irons and putters.

Woods often have a long shaft and have a huge head. The reason for the massive head is for it to carry more force. See, the wood is what golfers use during their tee off or the very stroke of each hole. This allows a golfer to launch the ball to far distances. During the earliest days of the game, woods were made out of wood, hence the name.

Irons are the most versatile pieces of golf equipment that golfers rely on. These clubs were designed to help the golfer get out of sticky situations, such as when he finds himself in a hazard. Like the wood, irons were named for being made out of iron. Irons make up the majority of a golfer’s club set.

Putters are the clubs people see golfers use when they want roll the ball into the hole. Generally speaking, putters are only used when a golfer’s ball is just a few feet away from the hole.

There are other clubs out there, such as hybrid clubs, which fall within special categories, but getting acquainted with the three main categories should be enough for most people.

The balls that golfers play with

Golf balls have evolved throughout history. There was a time when these balls were made from wood. Then there came a time that they were made from leather and feathers. Later on, manufacturers began to experiment with rubber and plastic.

Golf balls are really complex. The patterns people see on the surface of a golf ball are called dimples. These were added to the golf ball by manufacturers to improve its aerodynamic qualities.

This piece of golf equipment is often measured by the number of covers that it has. The number of covers can range from two to three.

Golf shoes that golfers ought to wear

There are plenty of shoes out there that a golfer can wear to the green. The basic rule is that it should have spikes on it. The spikes help to keep the golfer’s feet planted firmly on the ground. This improves performance because golfers are able to maintain their posture while swinging.

There was a time when metal spikes were popular on golf shoes. However, times have changed and so have the rules of wearing shoes to a golf course. People are now forbidden to wear golf shoes with metal spikes. This is because the metal spikes cause a good deal of damage to the course’s turf.

The simplest and best thing people can do for themselves when buying this piece of golf equipment is to find something that looks good and fits comfortably.

April 8, 2015

Long Island Foreclosure Attorney – Your Guide through the Process

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New York laws make it necessary for foreclosures to be processed through courts, unlike in other states. Here, the lender is required to sue the borrower before he is able to enforce his right on the defaulting property. Some people may find court proceedings to be intimidating and some may be unfamiliar with the process in the first place.

The key to successfully meeting foreclosure complaints is understanding the process, giving borrowers an idea where and when they are able to take action. This is more effective than just hiring a Long Island foreclosure attorney and expecting him to do all the work.


• Acceleration Letter.

Young Law Group Long Island Foreclosure Attorney – Your Guide through the ProcessEven if the borrower misses just one monthly payment of his mortgage, he is already considered in default. However, lenders don’t immediately take action at the first month to give leeway. An acceleration letter is typically sent two or three months into default. It specifies the outstanding balance and that if not paid by a specified date, further action will be taken by the lender.

This allows borrowers to discuss terms and options with their lenders.

• Notice of Default.

However, if no action is taken by the borrower, the lender will then send a special notice, containing at least five non-profit organizations that provide housing counseling in the borrower’s vicinity. It also advises that legal action will be initiated by the lender against the mortgage.

Foreclosure Notice

• Summon and Complaint.

At least 90 days after filing the notice, the lender then applies for a Lis Pendens, or a pending lawsuit, to place the property formally in litigation.

• Request for Judicial Intervention.

The lender then files an Affidavit of Service in court. This is to confirm that the foreclosure complaint has been served, detailing the time and manner it was done. At this point, either party can file a Request for Judicial Intervention to schedule a mandatory Settlement Conference.

• Answer.

This requires action from the borrower within 20 days if served personally, and 30 days if served through post or other methods. The response must detail errors the lender may have overlooked in origination or in servicing, sent to the lender’s lawyer and to the court.

If the borrower does not contest the foreclosure complaint, he may choose to file a Notice of Appearance, which means he does not wish to appear before the court but would still like to be updated on the proceedings.

If neither action is taken by the borrower, the lender proceeds to file an Order of Reference for the evaluation of the total debt, leading up to the foreclosure sale.

• Mandatory Settlement Conference.

On the other hand, if the borrower sends a response, the court sends a settlement conference date notice, appointed 60 days within the filing of the affidavit of service. This aims to bring together the opposing parties to reach a solution that is mutually acceptable.

• Litigation and Discovery.

In the period awaiting the mandatory settlement conference date, your Long Island foreclosure attorney may request for documents from the lender to be shared in order to build your cases. The same is done by the lender’s attorney.

• Motion for Summary Judgment.

If the lender finds that the borrower’s reasons are lacking, he may file for a Motion for Summary Judgment, leading to an Order of Reference and ultimately the foreclosure sale. At this point, the borrower must consult with his Long Island foreclosure attorney on the best steps to take. He may choose to file an Answer to Motion for Summary Judgment to contest the action and proceed to trial.

As they say, “Knowledge is power.” When people don’t know what is coming or they don’t understand what is happening, it is easy to dismiss things and hope that it is no big deal. But the truth is, taking the time to understand these complex procedures play a huge role in the borrowers’ success in keeping their home and enforcing their rights. When you know your enemy, the problem doesn’t seem as daunting, hopeless, or impossible.

It is important to get professional help when you suspect that the lender is illegally or unjustly gaining advantage. For more details visit

April 7, 2015

Why You Should Consider Homes for Sale in Nassau County, Long Island

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Nassau County in Long Island is located in the suburbs of New York. The county has a total of 2 cities and 3 towns under its jurisdiction. At the end of the first half of 2013, it was estimated that there are around 5,300 for sale homes in Nassau County. This article will discuss several points on why you should consider homes for sale in Nassau County, Long Island. Basic facts will be discussed.


Nassau County is in the middle of the Bronx (west), Fair field (north) and Suffolk (east). It is found immediately east of New York. Nassau is therefore within the metropolitan area. This is just perfect for individuals who want to have access to New York City but do not want to live so near to it, particularly the hustle and bustle.


Nassau County has a humid subtropical climate. The summer months are warm and humid while the winter months are wet and cold. On a positive note, the unique location of Nassau means that the county experiences a low percentage of thunderstorms and is not within the regular path of destructive cyclones.


Real Estate 300x263 Why You Should Consider Homes for Sale in Nassau County, Long IslandAs of 2012, Nassau County has the highest median household income within the entire state of New York. This means that the neighborhood is well-kept and the residents generally belong to the middle and upper middle classes. As last check, homes for sale in Nassau County, Long Island had the following median sale prices:

• $390,000 for brand new

• $291,000 for distressed

Racial Segregation

Interestingly enough, the Census Bureau has determined that Nassau County has a high racial segregation rate. This means that for one reason or another, home buyers tend to buy homes based on racial lines (i.e. Caucasian, Native American, Chinese, Filipino).

This is not necessarily a bad thing. For one, this has made county fairs and Sunday markets pretty interesting. The county also has its own ethnic concentrations such as Little China and Little Korea. Nonetheless, the county has a predominantly Caucasian population that constitutes 73% of total county residents. African-Americans comprise 11%. Asians comprise 7%. Other races comprise the remaining 9%.

Peace and Order

The county has a crime index of 71.11, an all-time low. The unemployment rate is 7%. The percentage of vacant homes is around 5%. All in all, this makes for a pretty respectable number.

What’s in Nassau?

The population is at 1.3 million. Total land area is 453 square miles. This means the population density is at a respectable 4,655 per square mile. There are 12 hospitals and 33 schools within.

Market Trends

The year 2012 was a record year for home buyers. The prices were relatively low and the demand was high. Come 2013, the demand increased and drove the average home prices upwards. This resulted in a lower sales figure for the first half of 2013.

Final Analysis

Realistically, you have just missed the sweet spot, but regarding homes for sale in Nassau County, Long Island, home values are still low and foreclosure home discounts still amount to 25%. This will only get lower as time passes by. Therefore, if you are seriously in the market for a home within the vicinity, now would be the time to buy. The next few months might see a sharper increase in home values and decrease in foreclosure discounts.

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April 3, 2015